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Bibliogram is an alternative front-end for Instagram. It works without client-side JavaScript, has no ads or tracking, and doesn't urge you to sign up.


CodiMD lets you create real-time collaborative markdown notes.


EtherCalc is a web spreadsheet. Your data is saved on the web, and people can edit the same document at the same time.


Etherpad is a real-time collaborative editor scalable to thousands of simultaneous real time users.


Framadate is an online service for planning an appointment or making a decision quickly and easily. It's a community free/libre software alternative to Doodle.



Gitea is a community managed lightweight code hosting solution written in Go.


Invidious is an alternative front-end to YouTube without ads. It does not need any account and does not depend on any official YouTube API.


Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming.


A safe home for all your data – Access & share your files, calendars, contacts & more from any device.


Nitter is a free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy.


PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data. Data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES.


RSS-Bridge is a PHP project capable of generating RSS and Atom feeds for websites which don't have one.


Privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine / pronunciation səːks.

Tiny Tiny RSS

Web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator, designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible.


wallabag is an open source application to save your web articles and allows you to read them later, on your smartphone, your tablet or your ereader.


xBrowserSync is a free and open-source alternative to browser syncing tools offered by companies like Google, Firefox, Opera and others.


The universal messaging standard. Tried and tested. Independent. Privacy-focused. XMPP is the open standard for messaging and presence.

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